(It was a Saturday morning. Sean and Rhana pull into a half empty diner on a lonely interstate. Rhana doesn’t take off her sunglasses as they sit down and motions to Sean to get her coffee. Lots of it.)

Sean:  Good morning

Rhana:  Yo. So… how was Twilight?


Rhana:  You’re really a 13 yo girl, aren’t you?

Sean:  Look, you’ve read them. You’re the 13 year old girl.

Rhana:  I read them because I was doing research.

Sean:  Uh-huh.

Rhana:  I wish the whole vampire phenomenon would just go away.

Sean: But I fear what would replace it.

Rhana:  Mummies. Trolls.

Sean:  The Mummy Diaries.

Rhana:  Mummy Dearest.

Sean:  Let’s Throw Mummy From The Train. So, the whole reason we haven’t spoken in so long is because you’re ‘researching’ Twilight?

Rhana:  Yes, I’m writing a knock-off called Sundown.

Sean :  Please. Tell me more.

Rhana:  It’s about a lone vampire who walks around in the Old West, looking for his half brother, John Johnson.David Carridine will play the vampire in the movie/TV show. And maybe there will be Kung-fu.

Sean:  The dead David Carradine? I like it.

Rhana:  Publishers are totally lining up.

Sean:  Do you have a total girl crush on Kristen Stewart? You can tell me. No one reads this thing.

Rhana:  I’m not sure. I kind of do and then sometimes, I just want to kick her pouty face. But that’s just me.

Sean :  A friend of mine once said Kristen Stewart always looks like she has to poop.

Rhana:  There’s a greeting card right there.

Sean:  I admit I don’t know much about Twilight other than I don’t mind looking at Kristen Stewart in jeans.So I guess I’m like most middle aged males in North America.

 Rhana:  Here is my all time favorite Twilight explanation http://www.cracked.com/funny-36-twilight/

Rhana:  It may be better than the books.

Sean:  Ha! So what else you been up to? How’s that nanny job coming along?

Rhana:  I have soooo many people who want my services. That’s the curse of being Asian.

Either people think I I’m the nanny OR the housekeeper.

Sean:  The witty nanny with the smart remarks that makes the laugh track go off. “Ooooh, that Rhana!”

Rhana:  NBC has rights to the sitcom.

 Sean:  I’d watch that over New Girl.

 Rhana:  You don’t like New Girl??

 Sean:  I HATE IT.

Rhana:  Max Greenfield is hilarious

Sean:  …

Rhana:  I watch it because of him.

 Sean:  …

Rhana:  Fine.

Sean:  Must be an American thing. I’m glad it brings you joy.

Rhana:  Oh wait, you like to watch intellectual shows like Whitney.

Sean:  Here it comes. I have never seen Whitney. I did see Chelsea Lately, and man oh man, you are so Chelsea’s sister.

Rhana:  Stop talking and I’ll take that as a compliment.

Sean:  You both sound the same.YOU HAVE THE SAME VOICE.

Rhana:  Nasally?

Sean:  No, just that sarcastic, cutting way of making people feel dumb. Like now. I like it. Let’s be friends.

Rhana:  I’ve added you to my Do Not Call list.

Sean:  See any movies lately?

Rhana:  The Amazing Spider-Man. It was okay. That’s my critique.

Sean:  I think that was the consensus world wide. Every review was just three words. “It was okay.”

Rhana:  So there you have it.

Sean:  Have you started Misfits yet?

Rhana:  NO.

Sean:  I swear, woman….

Rhana:  I still have a pile of YA novels to get through. RESEARCH.

Sean:  Forty minutes an episode. OF AWESOME. (sigh) What novels are you reading? Vamp Lit? Angel Lit? Cutter Lit?

Rhana:  Days of Blood and Starlight - chimera/angel love.

Sean:  Nice title. Does Kristen Stewart wear jeans in that one?

Rhana:  No, you wish.

Sean:  Chimeras are changelings, right?

Rhana:  They’re beings made up of several different genetic parts, like a she-wolf-dolphin-bat, for example.

Sean:  Oh, right. Sorry. Forgot my Shadowrun.What games are you playing? Guys love hearing about women who play games. Game us, Rhana.

Rhana:  I just downloaded The Dark Knight Rises on the iPad. it’s actually pretty entertaining. They don’t make that game for the Blackberry, by the way, in case you were wondering.

Sean:  The only game they make for the Blackberry is FRUSTRATION. It comes free.

Rhana:  I figured as much.

Sean:  So what’s the deal with the Dark Knight game?

Rhana:  Well, you glide around Gotham looking for Cat Woman and hurt a couple bad guys. I didn’t get very far because the 8-yo saw it and took over.

Sean:  This is why I don’t have kids.

Rhana:  Sharing is not cool.

Sean:  Although if I did have kids I’d let them grind my JRPG characters for me.

Rhana:  Ha.

Sean:  ‘Here, Alphonse, hit this guy over and over.”

Rhana:  Of course your kid would be named Alphonse.

Sean:  Of course. If I had a girl, I’d call her Trixie Dynamite.

Rhana:  Your inability to separate comic book life from reality is hilarious.

 Sean:  That’s why I assume you’re just one of the X-Men.

Rhana:  It’s a good guess. At least I’m not a vampire.

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